When purchasing a boat trailer many regard it as merely a means of getting the boat from A to B, disregarding important factors such as: tow weight, launch and retrieve characteristics, corrosion resistance and ease of towing. Southern view trailers differently supplying every boat with a high quality, custom made Alloy frame trailer, in single, tandem or triple axle configurations depending on application.

 Southern Trailers are in a league of their own, thanks to:

  • Rust free marine grade alloy chassis construction
  • Exceptional tow characteristics and balance
  • Light weight, up to 20% lighter than a galvanised steel trailer
  • NZ supplied Trojan/CM components and running gear
  • Integral walk boards to keep your feet dry
  • Multiple rollers for effortless launch and retrieve
  • Keel loading to lower trailer centre of gravity
  • Stainless steel brake callipers and Bronze Alloy discs (where applicable)
  • Alloy wheels as standard, including spare (Galvanised Rims Available)
  • Good looks and easy maintenance

Southern also build a range of trailers to suit jetskis in the following size ranges:

Jetski - Suit Yamaha/Seadoo 3 rider Personal Watercraft

 All trailers utilise modern LED lighting and New Zealand supplied Trojan/CM components for longevity and ease of use.